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What is this new place?

I lay there staring at my hand

Becoming the thing I hated most

I see her back turned to me

As she sits by the bed post

This was not the first

Nor would it be the last

I drove home silently

Thinking about my past

They can’t see the pain

Absorbed from years of abuse

They couldn’t see the boy

Just trying to get loose

I did the same thing to her

That my father did to me

So why couldn’t I stop

Like my father, it must come naturally

You didn’t deserve this

There’s only one way to make it stop

I climbed up my stairs

All the way to the top

Not a noise in the house, good

Everyone was asleep

I stare into the bathroom mirror

As I begin to weep

I grab what I can find

A desk chair and the rope from my car

I begin what is the end

As I tie the rope on a bar

So I step up onto the cold wood

Tears running down my face

One tip of the chair

What is this new place?

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