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Missed Opportunity

Part 2

Nothing screams "Fuck Me!"

like having a girl lay on top of you

and being face to face

while she awaits your next move.

But this girl in particular

was way out of my league.

Perfect curves, pretty face,

and she just wanted to be pleased?

For some reason at this point,

I thought it was a joke.

Or maybe just to test

my reaction, so i hoped

that I'd pass it and she'd see

you can't mess with my mind.

So I laid completely still

while she stared into my eyes.

Go ahead and laugh,

I can't lie about all this.

The hottest girl i know

and i never got a kiss.

When she got off she must've thought

I wasn't into chicks

so she never tried again,

An opportunity was missed.

Before that i would fantasize

about taking her on dates.

To the movies, to the mall

and i thought i couldn't wait.

But the one time we're alone

not even i could believe

that this little piece of heaven

would want a dumbass like me.