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Missed Opportunity

Part 1

Once there was a time

When I had a nice mind

I missed so many signs

And opportunities with dimes.

I know it seems like lies

But I was not like other guys

Though I have a freaky side,

It wasn't just sex on my mind.

Like once when I was nineteen,

A friend was sick of fighting

With her man so they broke up

And she texted me at night, you see.

"I need some company

Get here quick like lightning."

Time to be a good friend

And just do the right thing.

I figured she was sad

So I text some friends of hers.

Told them her situation

And that "we should come together

To help her through this tough time

And she'll see that we're the best."

When basically she's telling me

She wanted to have sex.

We pick her up and she's surprised

That I didn't come alone.

A quick facepalm in the dark

Now we'll never get to bone.

Her friends kinda laughed

They caught what I couldn't grasp.

Utterly oblivious

Cuz I'm a complete dumbass.

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Missed Opportunity
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