Missed Memories

missing us

I miss being the one you are in love with, the one you called your forever

I miss being the one you held goodnight, the one you called your always

I miss being the reason to stay up late, the reason to sleep then wake

I miss the late conversations, the ones that lasted till snoring

I miss the whispered 'i love yous', the small smiles and captured gazes

I miss the kisses on the forehead, the ones when I knew you cared

I miss the messages first thing in the morning, last thing at night

I miss the messages during the day, to make sure everything is alright

I miss the tight hugs, the ones where I could hear your heartbeat

I miss the embraces, the ones I knew we never wanted to end

I miss the love we once shared, the one we would talk about in front of all who couldn't compare

I miss the walks and adventures, hand in hand journeys new and old

I miss being together, where silence was not after a misspoken word

I miss the truths, the secrets we would tell, the ones from our hearts, our minds and our souls

I miss believing in the words we said, in the reasons behind our emotions from our heart and mind

I miss what we had back when, we were align with one another, one heart

I miss the safety your open arms bought to my life, now I feel fragile and broken

I miss feeling comfortable falling asleep on your chest, it feels like a struggle to let my mind rest 

I miss the paradise we created, I am now lost in an unknown jungle of terrors without you

I miss the promise you made me, forever and always

I miss us

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Missed Memories
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