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Look in the mirror

and I see both eyes.

Vocals for the love,

hand motions, just for you and I.

Don't know if hugs,

or middle fingers and gang signs.

Give you all of me, but we still take sides.

Return trips home, like we put all to the wayside.

Way I see it, our intimacy blind.

What's greater,

fatherhood or pride?

Say we a pack of lions,

but hyena outside.

Stoney island

ain't been the same since I cried.

Crashed the whip,

Cracked my childhood eyes

What's the difference

between you and I?

Grab the whiskey,

I drink my days bye.

I treat women emotions

like play time.

Call women baby,

Like I'm trying to make mine.

You out of minutes, dawg,

Guess the mirror is our FaceTime.

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