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Mirror Image

What We See

Picture done by "Mirror Images" 

When we look in a mirror, we see our reflection looking back at us. Yet do we understand that which we see inside? Is it love or lust? The eyes are said to be the windows of the soul; looking in could take its toll. Some peer in and see the empty abyss; some peer in and see pure bliss. 

Sometimes, some say; if you look into the reflection long enough, it will speak. Yet there are others whom say this thought is, in heart, mind and spirit, weak. Some look in and see light, through this they even feel might. 

Some say the reflection is a reflection, nothing more. Yet still, some say there is so much more in store. Ghosts of the past, Ghosts of the present, Ghosts of what the future may hold; some say this is that which our reflections may behold. Question is what is it that you behold in your reflection? Is it your soul or simply a Mirror Image? 

Mindy Sleeper
Mindy Sleeper

I have been an creative writer since I was a teenager; majority short stories(fiction and non fiction), poetry, journal writing. I also like writing educational essays and case management assessments in Criminal Justice.

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