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Mind Fuck

What did you comprehend?

What is understood does not have to be explained. Most of the time it can not be.

All cannot be rationalized.

All does not need to be rationalized.

All things cannot be rationalized by your petty human mind.

Subconscious is the father.

Mother is the soul.

I am present awareness. (In your human form)

Spirit or consciousness often called.

Physically tangible and true

No greater no less we make you.

Unequal perspectives are deadly.

If Phoenix and the Hulk had a child

In a world of glass humans

How do you think she would love?

Would it be the humans most at risk?

Or would the product of strength

and pristine awareness be most in danger?

The creation of love has a nature of using deconstruction in its favor

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Maria Crank
Maria Crank

Registered Nurse,Certified Energy Healing Practitioner, self published author and your Oracle, Earth Warrior. On a mission to help facilitate a collective positive reality for all. Humanity it is time to heal. Let us heal together. 

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Mind Fuck
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