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Mind Circus

Mental Fun-House, Thought Rampage


Come in.

Enjoy the show.

We have attractions for the young and the old.

High fly trapeze,

Jumps and swings that your mind can not comprehend.

Cold winds blow.

I climb the ladder,

Recounting every last step.

I see the thin wire, beckoning me.

The squeaking sounds of the stairs rings...

Despair, Anguish.

I want my performance to be perfect.


I'm on the platform, also touching the tent the holds my thoughts.

I look down to see...nothing.

This isn't what I pictured.

Where is my audience, my crowd filled with encouragement and amazement.

The wind blows harder.

My footing isn't steady,

Shaking as I take each step,

Where do I go from here? Is it time to play it safe?

Step...by step...

Am I strong enough? Can I do it? Is this what life truly is?

I look down,nothing but blackness surrounds me.

Can I fall? Will I fall?

Softly I hear, the Entrance of the Gladiator.

Distorted,rewound backwards,

My head is spinning.

My wire is getting longer and the sounds of misery causes my focus to shake.

Can I keep going?The trumpets are louder, the cymbals blending


The flutes follow the melody as the Tuba softly bellows.


I look up as the tent gets bigger...


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Mind Circus
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