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Millions of Tiny Threads

A Sad Poem

In my head 

Millions of tiny threads 

Weave in and out

Filling me up with doubt

Awakening sides of me 

I don't want to see

Millions of tiny threads 

Yes, that's what I said

They flow all the way through me

I'm becoming someone I don't wanna be 

Millions of tiny threads 

They make me feel dead

Yeah, that's what I said

They make me feel like I wanna cry

So I write it down and get high

Listen to music by a lake

Knowing this feeling won't shake 

Spark inhale

Inside, you're soul's frail 

Millions of tiny threads

Weaving in my head

But the moment the sun's on your skin

And the wind's in your hair

You no longer care

But are intent just to be

No future, no past, just what you see

What you feel on the outside, not within 

You're not in it for anything, you're not in it to win

But those millions of tiny threads 

They never really leave your head

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Millions of Tiny Threads
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