Millennial Love Story

Dating in 2017

Going round and round the classic tale of cat and mouse,

Non disclosure — I love him with every cell in my being.

Packing his bags, distance is my solution misleading him back into my eager arms.

Push and pull makes our world go round.

Slow dancing in the obscured moonlight with our demons just to wake heartbroken in the glaring sun,

Pretending not to care is the way to win his game.

Building up this facade, can't show my true intentions,

Emotionless luring him into a false sense of emptiness.

Play his game have him eating out of the palm of my hand,

One wrong move he'll turn tail and run.

Miserably in love wouldn't have it any other way.

Euphoric waves tainted in pain crushing down on my soul,

A vicious cycle that never ends.

My heart trapped in thorns feeling his frore embrace reminding me he'll never fully be mine.

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Millennial Love Story
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