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It happened too many times.

I was 3, they were grownups

I didn't understand

At the time 

What was happening

Now I understand perfectly

I was 6, she was 10 and she was 13

I told them it was wrong, 

They didn't listen

I was 10, he was just old

I said no

He didn't listen

I was 12, he was 13

I asked him not to touch me there

He did it anyway

I was 15, he was maybe 30

I said I didn't want to be kissed

That didn't stop him

I was 17, he was 16

He coerced me

I didn't know 

What that meant 

At the time

I know now

I was 17, he was 29

I was fine with the hug

Not with the kiss

My protectors didn't stop him

I was 18, he was 24

I said no

He didn't stop

I was 23, he was maybe 35

I said no

He didn't stop

It happened to me

Too many times

I hate that

I can say

Me, too

And I'm sorry 

That others 

Can read this

And say it, too

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