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Love Locks at Wequiock / meka carter

I rise from the ashes 

After scorching the lies of my youth

I come to terms, realize

It’s okay to be a mess

I no longer have to evade my truth

I wasn’t born into this madness

Neatly packaged with a bow on my head

I arrived early, just after midnight

Hungrily screaming, eager to be fed

My strength comes not from dodging discomfort

But from standing tall and facing demons directly

Whether of my own cognitions

Or cleverly left behind by short term connections

I no longer endure suffocating in anguish

Thankfully, my foundation strengthens daily

It’s built on a hill that I climb routinely

After getting knocked away

But being too stubborn to stay - away

Groundwork constructed based on

Candid awareness of my own faults

Using my mornings to grow

Rising in gratitude to practice positive self-talk

Praying - speaking directly to my soul

Daily efforts to thwart off poor treatment

Because I refuse to tolerate it in my home

No more do I romanticize this life

Or the future I pray I’m blessed to see

I am able to face expected trials with a clearer mind

Because of lessons learned today and how they shape who I plan to be

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