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Bottled Out

They want me to play along and nod but I shake

my head,

I can tell my dreams are big enough by the way they

shake my bed.

Easy does it, I'm prepared to face a harder


I'm a dull illustration destined to make a point with a sharper


Premonitions of shapeshifting into cloud where no one can

stop my reign,

Precious cargo justifies your willingness to rob

my train.

Silly you, "Love" repair is the one improvement that you're

Scared of,

Sometimes you wear the same collar as the canines everyone warned

you to beware of.

Submerged in dirty deeds, sterilizing any


Walking tall, self-reliant on my paralyzing


Pillow talk of my relaxation on this soothing bed of


When the market crashes into the sea, I'll still remain

head of sails.

I'm a sheltered clock keeping with the changing


Snuck a glance through a haunted horror-scope and its

rearranging signs.

Conflicted again with this cold dish, should I

defrost my fork,

Bottled up, they expected me to whine when I lost

my cork.

Embarrassing my green lights won't turn them


As soon as hell freezes over I'm going to burn my


Bluntly accommodated, "the best thing smoking" if he could

avoid choking, labeled as a drag and potentially


The righteous lyrics to my melody are now free to be


A veteran beholder of "Beauty" developing a pupil thats


From an atheist shore to a spiritual


Mentally prepare the ocean floor for the physical


Pushing to birth a new trend without taking any


Good morning "Impossible", here's an omelette I created

Without breaking any eggs.

Faulty architects caught red handed trying to steal my


Relay the message, as I run laps around tracks where very

Few sprint.

Publicize the premiere of my leading role with a private


Well defined, we live "Life" trying to survive its


Disconnected, soon as I found where the wires


Constructed an amusement park out of emotions where the

Roller coasters have no height


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Michael avant
Michael avant

Hello fellow creators. In short I'm nothing more than a very big fan of this art form we all love called Poetry. Playing with words and thoughts, bending and twisting ideas is all part of this therapeutic yet challenging past time. 

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