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An Invisible Stain Planted in Our Minds

I can be human I can be object                        I can strike in your dreams                              I can interupt your conscious mind                I make conflict between your feelings            But I can bring back thoughts you once lost

I travel time but always remain in mind        I can leave for days weeks and months          And then return countless times                      I am everything in everyone                            I am a friend and an enemy

I can live in the brain                                        Or hibernate in the heart                                  You can catch me from a touch                        Or break me down in tears                                I have lived both your best and worst life

What am I?                             

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Tanya Rodriguez
Tanya Rodriguez

Freelance poet, i started writing poetry seriously 5 years ago and was featured in Uk national anthology 2016. I write to free my mind and soul. Random inspirations as well as experience.

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