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Can't Say


You asked me to reach

To the depth of my mind

In search of a memory,

I can’t seem to find

Of happiness and joy

And surrounded by all

Yet mistakes are all

I seem to recall

Not the youngest or oldest

Just stuck in between

I follow her footsteps

I guess it’s been seen

For my achievements

Are never enough

Whenever she beats me

You just write me off

Not your cute little boy

Just plain teenage girl

Who seems lonely

In this solitary world

No memories to build

Around such strong defenses

As we remain

On separate sides of our fences

Scattered thoughts

That I can’t piece together

Slip away

As they’ll remain forever

We’re two different people

With two different ways

That grow further apart

As we rush by the days

From the very beginning

You weren’t really there

And life without you

I suppose I could bear

To you I’m transparent

Like a cloud in the sky

As all dreams and ambitions

Seem to float by

I could honestly say

That no memory we share

Is worth the release

To make others aware

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