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Your love is my drug...

For this I shall state

A wandering sight

A GIFT of your LOVE 


for all that u give

And all that u take

My heart shall not flourish 

Tis for u to break

We dance with hands tied

Knowing the end 

Forgive me , in love,

Then damaged again

A sick cycle in Bound

By two hearts not one

For im as the moon

And ur like the sun

I hate this i love this

What some kind of game

As i wipe off the smirk

I now die in shame

The emptieness calls

The loneliness sets

Our love is on drugs

And off are all bets.

Till my last dying breathe 

Ill love u the same

With or without drugs

Just call my name

No need to tremble

Or coward in fear

Fot anytime u call me

Ill be right here

Ill be yours forever

Ive no need to lie

Im urs for the taking

Till the day that I die

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