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A Poem About the Trials of Trying to Meditate

Such noise and commotion I hear, traffic fast in each direction.

An ever changing maelstrom of haphazard connections.

I seek shelter but instead I am accosted by an incessant drone.

Where can I find peace when my mind comes home.

A tinnitus ring or sometimes an annoying buzz.

I count the beats of my pulse while my blood is throbbing through the veins.

My neck creaks with every turn of my head.

Nostrils flare with every time I take breath.

How can I seek solitude amongst such chaos.

How can I still the mind through prayer and meditation.

Trying to connect to my soul, find tranquility and silence.

What preparation is required for this activity to commence.

It first seems difficult to cut through all the noise.

To seek the stillness of pure consciousness.

Peace begins to settle making a shaky start.

As I now look deep inside my own heart.

A sudden calm befalls my whole being.

As if it was unbreakable, vast, without end.

Joy and happiness prevalent above all else

I am now connected with my true self.

Once now focussed into the present

A lingering joy is now manifest.

I now smile with a quiet knowing

Continue the day my mind a glowing. 

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