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Medication Sedation

To make herself feel like herself again...

She sits listening to the voices in her head

They keep telling her they want her dead

She drifts in and out of reality

Often times dreaming of her fatality

She keeps pleading with them to let her be

Just for a day to just feel free

She does everything that she can

To make herself feel like herself again

Deep breathing, meditation not to mention the medications

Pill, swallow, she tries not to feel so hollow

Pill after pill, day after day

Why does it feel like nothing has changed?

Pacing around is it this time again?

Try to sleep so she counts sheep

But sheep can't distract how she's in too deep

Deep within her endless mind

She remains to find

That one reason to keep her from leaving

She shuts her eyes as she tries not to cry

But she's losing her drive to try

For she knows that when she awakes

Nothing will have changed 

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Tiffany Orton
Tiffany Orton

Some of the themes in my writing and poems include mental health. I have experienced mental health first hand and hope that my writing can help break the stigma surrounding mental health, by speaking out about my personal struggles with it. 

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Medication Sedation
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