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A Superpower

The Media Influence

Dear Media you are a superpower,

You are so influential and you have a power,

Power to influence,

Power to change,

Power to shake,

Power to integrate,

Power to rate,

But you should know one thing,

Why are you adding negativity to people,

There are suicides,

There are violence cases,

You give them full coverage,

You influence people to find an easy way out,

To escape their trouble,

Why don't you add positivity,

Why don't you add rays of hope,

Country's flatter their power as Nuclear powerful,

But these are weapons of Mass destruction,

Country's should empower people,

Rationalize their thinking,

Country's fight for land,

Fight for human rights instead,

Media you are a BRAIN WASHER !!

Why you waste precious time in arguments,

Why don't you help people realize their true potential,

Why do you compete among others,

Why don't you compete with yourself,

You are strong enough to influence,

Dear Media,


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