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Mechanical Monsters

The Beasts Roam

Photography by Joanna Blair

The drive

City to city

Only about 20 minutes

Although long for observation

Everyone sees through different eyes

Different perspectives

On this drive

I saw nothing but destruction

You won’t ever understand unless

You are seeing through the same lenses as I

Pale yellow, mechanical monsters

Tear up the earth

As they sink in their teeth

I feel their claws drag across my heart

Clouds of dust and smoke fill the air

Life burns

Emptiness replaces fullness

Once trees stood in numbers

Now a dirt field for the beasts to roam

As a sponge can only handle so much water

I can only soak up so much pain

I glance away

I find that balance between two extremes is usually the correct answer in a given situation

We have greatly upset the balance between humanity and nature

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Mechanical Monsters
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