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Me, Myself, and I

A Poem

What is it... To be Me?

Is it to lose a loved one?

Or to know a broken heart?

Does it mean to feel

The crushing weight

Of sadness day to day?

Or feel the pain of love and loss

And slowly drift away?

I tell myself it’s all a dream.

A test to train my resolve,

An outright fight between the world,

And Me, Myself, and I.

Oftentimes your personal identity is linked to those around you. When those around you begin to disappear, it is a standard state of being to ask oneself who they are and what it means to be themselves.

Cobe Wilson
Cobe Wilson

I am a graduate of the College of Coastal Georgia (Brunswick, GA). I hold a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from this school. I am currently attending Walden University Online for a Masters of Science in Psychology. Gamer, writer, poet.

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Me, Myself, and I
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