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Inspired by Erykah Badu


There is nothing else to see

I've shown you all I've grown to be

One and one is never three

Just like I'm always truly me

If in another time and space

I wore another human face

Even then I was true to be

Only me yes only me

Inspiration is my biggest key

I've learned to love all of me

Until the night becomes the day

I love me is all I can say

Nothing sways me easily

Nothing changes who I be

After all is said and done

I am me living as One

This poem is elementary

I'm bringing you the simplest me

For all is lost if I can't be

Just me, just me, living free

My english may betray my art

But I know that I can always start

To uncover all of me

Your judgement only sets me free

I be, I be, only me

Without pretenses can't you see

Life is just a masquerade

But I know I've got it made

I'm built to last eternally

I'm just me, only me

If you do not like my rhyme

I don't really have the time

To worry 'bout your jealousy

While I'm truly being me

If ever I forsake myself

I know that I need something else

To keep me in my sanity

While I remain as me and free

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Kimm Smith
Kimm Smith

I am. The art and the artist. Expansive always seeking to learn. I write, sing, counsel, make things, read Tarot and oracle. Make my own cards. I make, I create but mostly I'm me. 

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