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Relationship Poem

Maybe the girl who used to stare at me with a smile on her face,

Isn’t the girl who fails to even look at me for more than five seconds.

Maybe the girl who texted me every single day,

Isn’t the girl who says “I’ll text you later” and then comes up with a reason she couldn’t come through with doing so.

Maybe the girl who gave me the most comforting and loving hugs,

Isn’t the girl who only seems to hug me when she has to, making it quick and meaningless.

Maybe the girl who kissed me at any moment she got the chance,

Isn’t the girl who kisses me only when I ask.

Maybe the girl who used to be so happy that we were together,

Isn’t the girl who views our relationship as just another thing she has to deal with.

Maybe the girl who I asked to the first school dance,

Isn’t the girl who I asked to the next school dance.

And maybe the girl who agreed to go with me to our next school dance,

Isn’t the girl I’m taking to the dance.

Maybe the girl who would always compliment me on my winning qualities,

Isn’t the girl who won’t even say something as simple as “I like your outfit today.”

Maybe the girl who is always stressed and upset,

Isn’t the girl who I could always make smile.

Maybe the girl who never failed to make me laugh,

Isn’t the girl who makes me cry more than she makes me smile.

Maybe the girl who I once loved to see,

Isn’t the girl who I get anxious about seeing in the hallways.

Maybe the girl who told me she cared about me,

Isn’t the girl who forgets to ask how I’m doing.

Maybe the girl who I thought was perfect,

Isn’t the girl who confuses me to the point of depression.

Maybe the girl who I fell in love with,

Isn’t the girl who I am constantly worrying about.

Maybe the girl who I asked out,

Isn’t the girl I’m dating. 

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