eden child
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This is what I wish I could tell you before you forget about me.

Before I get the blame

Let me tell you who I am

Before you judge my action

Let me explain our fairytale

He and I are not friends, that's what we pretend

He stole my heart before I allowed him to

So I disturb him as much as I can do

We don't even have to talk to understand what we're thinking 

It's strong, deep, dark but sparkling

But loving him wasn't enough, for a girl who just learned how to talk

With men and their weird fantasy,

I thought that love is just only sex and kiss

He really wants my body by the look of his eyes, but he treats me like a baby who has just learnt to say "hi"

So, I guess I was just like everyone, a wind that just has to pass

I act like I don't care, but from the bottom of my heart I cherish everywhere

Everything about him ...

Now you told me to let him go, I'd like to respond yes and no

Sure, he broke my heart million times, maybe it's because I made him wait for so long, maybe I was wrong

Maybe he's afraid of losing me, maybe he's just busy

These maybes really kill me... So I ran away

Acting like everything is okay

Watch him quietly forgetting about me... and hoping that one day

Maybe, I will be his one and only... Love

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