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Mass Confliction

A Poem

A new day

A new leaf -

A new moon

too soon -

Once again

the cycle begins -

A new start

a new Heart

and yet so much

for just too just too little -

Where did it start

where does it end?

The day and night

like wrong and right

my Jekyll and Hyde

begins anew -

Broken hearts

and mending spirits

spinning in a world

seemingly ruthless -

Can we take the world back

from the heart attack?

Or has the loop tied itself

too tight?

Bonus Poem: "Life"


Whats the point?

Is it to be happy

When only sadness surrounds

Is it to be beautiful

When beauty is only in the eye of the beholder

Is it to survive

When only the fittest are allowed to make it

Is it to avoid death

When death is the ultimate end

Is it to make the others suffer

When they’ve already suffered enough

Is it to succeed

When many of us only succeed at failing

Is it to fight for what’s right

When what’s right is really wrong

Is it to find answers

That don't even exist

Is it to be powerful

When power destroys lives

Is it to build things up

Only to watch them fall back apart

Is it to destroy the enemy

When the real enemy is you

Is to be freed from harm

When really you need to be freed from yourself

Is it to fall in love

When love just makes us fall

Is it to prove

Our existence isn’t meaningless

Is the point

Just pointless


Because life has not yet begun

But its already over

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Mass Confliction
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