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Mask Full of Lies

A Poem

Broken hearts, dreams and lies.

Why’re you so sad?” they asked

She’s wearing a mask ‘cause she’s the outcast

She fakes laughs and fakes smiles

She always gets hurt for her profile

She is who is she, she ain’t nobody else

It doesn’t matter, she’s just being herself

Everyone thinks that she’s perfectly fine.

What’s fine? They can’t even define it

“It’ll be alright." They said

Yeah right, man she’s already dead

Every day, she feels like a burden

But you don’t know she keeps hurting and hurting

Music is the only thing that helps her

Speaks the only words she wants to say, it’s what she prefers

She just feels so done

Can’t even smile just for fun

You said “It’ll get better, you’ll see the sun!”

Did you really think that she was that dumb?

You don’t care, but that’s none of her business

This isn’t goodbye because she is what she is.                                                                        

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Mask Full of Lies
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