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"All people wear a Mask"

All people wear a Mask,

Why? You are not supposed to ask,

Being yourself is a thing of past,

You need to be sailing keeping high the mask.

Original Ideas are the things that last,

But innovation is a thing of past,

Adhering to the guidelines and doing your task,

Making sure that the truth shall not unmask.

People find happiness in many things,

Can't do them, cause they strive for lives of kings,

All that people want is material pleasures,

Working for which they miss life's real treasures.

Ask all freshers, they want to do something different,

Due to the rat race, they get nothing indifferent.

That's when people face mid life crises,

And then they start taking decisions unrighteous.

The mask should we were given a rest,

Let us learn through life's tests,

If everything which happens is meant with a reason,

Then why believe people around you are committing high treason.

Let life just go with the flow,

Through which we can definitely grow,

Allow yourself to roam in the woods free,

In the end whatever will be, will be...

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