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Inspired by the movement, is inspired by K, which is inspired by me, and one think movement steady change.

Where I’m from it’s like the jungle and I’m the prey,

Like back in the day, when Harriet Tubman freed the slaves.

Inspired by the movement.

I wake folks up every day.

Got a dream like Martin, just in a different way, but

Same how slaves sing, is the same how rappers slang.

One thinks we are living in a modern way.

So, pray, stack, and pray.

Cuz trouble don’t last always.

Movement this, movement that, don’t let it fade away.

You surrounded by the movement, shit still the same.

So, thank whom you worship, for we live a better way.

Don’t get it twisted the hood is where one stay.

Where you hear gun shots all throughout the day.

Is it a police officer or a snake, who’s to say?

Like the now or then, the streets never safe.


Inspired by the movement.

I’m inspired by the movement.

Not like running fast, but the thing the president abusing.

Yea, the alternative way but people tired of losing.

You got to have money, or you are snoozing.

Sadly, people give up, not me I’m cruising.

Harriet Tubman could do it.

MLK did,

Hussle took the role to lead on a good stand.

Then it’s me, a sweet girl at hand.

One been feeling this, been doing the plan.

Everybody not strong luckily, I took a hand.

Lead me in the direction for all I do is win.

Inspired by the movement.

Inspired by K.

You not hearing me, I wake people up every day.

Inspired to inspire is the litty wave.

B.C time our ancestors were living in caves.

For, I’m saved, one got to run it up and save.

Pushed around, pushed away nobody wanted us to stay.

One is a female, No, you a slave they say; one has no rights segregation took that away.

But I’m proud to say I’m woke and still here today.

They don’t never wanna see a hard working man on the spot.

Remember, real Black Panther’s leader got shot.

Robber, killer, rapist all these titles again.

Why did Mike Brown get shot with out a gun in his hand?

Martin got shot just for having a dream.

Knowledge is everything and love the skin that you're in. 

That's the movement.  

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