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The House I Live

This is my house,

Built initially to be a safe zone from the world

A place where I thought I could find my peace

Suddenly I feel like I should put it on lease

Look at the door, it's half broken

Look at the window, it's cracked open

The air has refused to go in, it's a big oven

The pressure is building, am not joking

Look at my walls, painted in black sorrows

And the ceiling, full of pain, am downtrodden

The staircase? It leads to a whirlpool of confusion

A maze that even I can't outrun, no cushion

I can't even leave, I tried, it's not working

Am not the only one living in here

I hear something ever night, it keeps roaming

It's blindfolded and it has a tattoo that says "your worst nightmare"

There is someone at the door, I can't get

Please, no!

Just go!

Stop knocking!

This house keeps playing a tune, it's melancholy

On the outside, a white house full of roses

On the inside, a dark places full thoughts in noises

I am in the corner screaming but voice box is on silence

I guess I could learn to paint inside as I please

It is something I need to do so quickly

If I don't then would have so much to loose

Cause then the darkness would spread outside and I would be the only wolf howling at the moon

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