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Majestically Free


Minute glinting

speckled diamonds

surface in the sand

concealing my ankles

as beach's drenched

brown layers cool my

steamy feet.

Sandcastle sculptures

show proud childhood

creativity attracting

inquisitive onlookers

freely embracing

innocence gone.

Twinkling lights

dance playfully and the sea’s

rolling surf crawls

toward tranquil shores

water-coloring jagged rocks with

spits of salty mist.

Blue-lavender sky casts

rich hues through

cloud pillows

beckoning ravenous seagulls

to dine on lingering morsels

mingled in the sandy carpet.

Wafting seaweed,

with warm salt-filled

breezes invigorate my


summoning me

back to the majestic sea

where I am solitary

yet celestially brimming.

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Linda Balboni
Linda Balboni

My beautiful family is the most important thing to me! I enjoy writing poetry/stories and some of my work has been published in various journals, chapbooks and magazines. I love to draw/paint and appreciate nature, music and photography.  

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Majestically Free
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