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My god,

is this really happening?

this must be a perverted fantasy,

just to distort

my reality.

I am one of the walking dead

I am a zombie

I am lifeless

I am godless.

please, someone, help me

I dont know how to come

back to the light

I got trapped here in

the darkness.

I am trapped and I

am able to get

myself out of it.

a lot of good memories

yet you lost me still.

indecisiveness chose for you

so you lost me.

may have been a phase,

may not have been.

either way, it was not

meant to be as a 

friendship does.

it so needed to be worked out

but it never got worked out.

I keep asking myself why

over and over and over

again yet can never get

an answer other than shit just happens.

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