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Magical Sparkling Pharmacy

This poem was created by Bazooka a few years ago. Enjoy!

The cosmos of the night sky

crash into a million sparkles

and it’s not that I’m waiting

for the sparkles to fall on me

but when I try it

I realize that I’m changing

as I wait

I’ve tried a million times

and it feels sacred

but while I wait and feel sure

something has changed

or something is there

to help stay on my feet

This place a pharmacy

where stars pop like pills

changing me

making me

bringing feelings

This empty space

full of lights

shines upon me

like a nurse

injecting me with glee

This place a pharmacy

made to kill melancholy

or darkness

This place

a magical laboratory

of lights, smells,

feelings, angels,

and demons.

The perfect place

for me to sing

and be with my

inner light.

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Magical Sparkling Pharmacy
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