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Written by Tiffany Har (Harry), Photo by Camila Quintero Franco

Mad, mad smash my head

Mad, mad always sad

Mad, mad never glad

Mad, mad feeling bad

Mad, mad face is red

Mad, mad gun full of lead

Mad, mad my brains will spread

Mad, mad blood will shed

Mad, mad lots of rage

Mad, mad acting strange

Mad, mad things won’t change

Mad, mad play that music loud

Mad, mad go somewhere I’m not allowed

Mad, mad yell into a crowd

Mad, mad run far away

Mad, mad find a place that I can stay

Mad, mad I have no friends

Mad, mad loneliness will never end

Tiffany Harry
Tiffany Harry

I’m trying to write a children’s book, Into reading , music, drawing n writing poems. I love my family, my uncles n aunts, cousins,my grandchildren. Love my lil Em. I have two beautiful daughters and two great sons. Love my hubby n Dad Ron.

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