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Lyrics for the Masses

The Brainwashed Brainless

Thousands of years ago it was decreed

To have organized beliefs of which are agreed

Constantine hunting down the children of Jesus

Slandering Muhammad to all non believers

Ensuring no prophets would again be heeded

The devilish society satiated on the hate that they needed

Magic demonized and yet still borrowed 

To create all of the religions of tomorrow

Now our universal consciousness is crying in sorrow

Cus heaven is distant but hell is not far though

The world is a chess board pawns n Kings disappointed

Our rulers are no longer celestialy annointed

Politicians are annoying we all know you're lying

Pulling the strings got our sons n daughter's dying

Mother's n father's crying little Johnny not coming home

As the devilish clones sit securely on their thrones

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Lyrics for the Masses
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