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Lover's Candles

Love's Mystery

In the centre of this wooden floor

two tall white candles can be found

standing in their shallow saucers

silently waiting, not making a sound

these candles belonged to some lovers

who have been sadly separated

for what should have been happy times

were now mournful scenes that are hated 

with these candles lit, small flames seen

in this bare room, that shone bright

when suddenly the lovers were split

these special candles lost their light.

the room had been filled with loud shouts

and a struggle that didn't succeed

then silence fell upon this bare place

after such a sad and awful deed

extinguishing those lonely candles

was astonishing to watch the smoke

forming the two lovers faces kissing

a lasting image on this floor of oak

I was inspired by a photo of two smoking candles

Within the smoke of each candle two faces were seen kissing.

Image found on designswan.com

© Lissie Bull 2019

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Lover's Candles
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