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Lovely Nightmare

A Poem Written June 4, 2012

I can feel its suffocating grasp,

Holding me,

Draining me of all life I have left.

My eyes flutter in fear

Then in a dizzy drowsiness. 

They slip and slide down,

Without my permission granted,

Until I can open them no longer.

All I do is hear and feel

As I fall into the deep pit 

Of depression and...


The monster shrieks with laughter,

Glorious laughter,

Like children playing;

It carries me to a bed.

I feel the fall.

I hear the plump mattress squeak

As my weight falls down upon it.

I slip into an eerie dreamland,

Where love strives

And has neither fear nor mercy

For those it consumes,

Never to wake again.

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Lovely Nightmare
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