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Love You, Love You Not

A blessing or lesson?

I've been here several times

Felt like this before

That first rush of love

Infatuated with lust

Cant get you outta my mind

Wow it feels good

Such a rush

Chemicals pumping

Cant eat, butterflies

Heart bursting to love you

My skins tingling with the thought

My body literally aches

I long to touch you

I dream of kissing you

All day and night long

Souls connected

It doesn't make sense

So incompatible

It can't possibly work

But also can't control

This need to be with you

The desire to see you

A want and a need

Not in control

I can't concentrate

Nothing else is relevant

Just me and you together

Fills my mind

I can't explain

The depths of my feelings

This is beyond

And there's no coming back

If I follow this road

It will lead to pain

Hearts broken

And dreams shattered

Another chapter dead

Just destruction again

I don't trust in love

I can never say forever

Never ever

But I will take the plunge anyway

Dive right in

Instant gratification

Live in the moment

I might be dead next week

Lucky really

To have the chance

To truly love again

And you, so precious

I am surely blessed

I will love you deeply

There is no doubt of that.

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Jane Smith
Jane Smith

I write my feelings, my secrets, my distress and my desires.  All my stories are true. I have bipolar disorder so my life is like a thousand lives in one. Writing is therapy for me. I hope you enjoy my stories and poetry.

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Love You, Love You Not
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