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Love's Lost

Summer '02

I have loved

And I have lost

A precious love

I hold so dear.

My heart, shattered

Like glass, slowly

Gets put back together

But the memory of

Her dying, lifeless body

Still remains.

To hear her laughter

And cries one day, and then

See her soul slowly

Drift away,

Passing on to a 

Better life I knew

Was best for her.

I was too stubborn 

To understand

Too selfish

To realize

This life is too short

And my love grows for her

Stronger and stronger each day/

Each moment that passes

Could be MY last

But I think of her

As I wish she were

Here to see her children

And grandchildren grow up

To lift us up when we fall,

To comfort every tear we cry.

I have loved

And I have lost

A love that will

Never be forgotten.

In memory of Robin L. Thomas

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Love's Lost
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