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Love (Pt. 2)


We trudge through life swapping souls and piggy-backing others' burdens to perfect places, sometimes reaching a blissful end, but mostly slowly coming to a halt; freezing over in the no man's land of missed phone calls, hurt feelings and inequity. But the suns of our own personal dwarf galaxies warm our cores, turning no man's land into a fruitful field of sunflowers. 

They are the ones who make friendship easy. They carry such light and warmth, a small town could be powered for a week on their laughter alone. They all have sparkly eyes and sparkly souls, bursting with virtue the world so badly needs right now. 

In a sense, past worries about never having a chance to know star-like people come in handy, allowing feelings of appreciation to reach another plane, one like no other. Effortful searching is over. Who knew after taking bites out of all the pies, the leftovers of relief were the most satisfying. 

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Love (Pt. 2)
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