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Love Like Chai

12-12-17 23:05PM

Preserve me.

Let's make

Big pots of chai

And write in our journals

With the best intentions

To better ourselves

Yet fail every time

And we laugh about it

But we keep on trying anyways

Cuz we're young, dumb and full of hope

And I hope we never change

Your words choke me

And your hands hold me

But in a good way.

You steal my breath

You live in my head

Perfectly imperfect

Just as you are.

Give me your kisses,

Sweet like honey.

I live for your nectar

Like a hungry bee

In love with flowers

In the sun

We burn away

Burning books just for fun

Because the stories, they changed

And we come as we are

And we swallow our pain

Cuz I smoked the last cigarette

And you said it's ok

We won't hide any longer

From this pain, and we prayed

In the darkness together

Sipping cups of sweet chai

Scratching words in our journals

Just today, just today.

Cuz you are my angel.

You are my weakness,

As we fall to our knees

And we beg for forgiveness.

Speaking words like caucophonies

And we're doing okay

I think we'll be fine

If we make it through today

Cross my heart, hope to die

Stick needles in my eyes.

The cuts in our mouths will heal

If we could only stop

Our tongues

From running them


12-12-17 23:05PM

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Love Like Chai
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