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Love Is Not Abuse

'Loving you was like standing in a hurricane...'

Loving you was like standing in a hurricane you blew me away and made me feel like I was drowning all at the same time.

Only when you feel like the end is near that is when your new beginning is about to start,

never make yourself feel like you aren't worth the world because you are.

Someday, somewhere, someone is going to look at you like they look at the stars in the night sky,

they will see how bright you are and how you shine when you smile.

You are better off without the man that makes you feel like you are drowning

hands wrapped around your neck until you can no longer breathe but it makes him feel alive

so you let him do it. Anything to make him happy because you are no longer a person in anyone's eyes.

You are his property.

No friends, no family you pushed everyone away because you thought you were in love.

Love is not the things he makes you do or the names he calls you.

Love is not the other women he has in the bed you share together.

Love that makes your heart cold is not real.

It is a delusion and you are under his spell.

Well, he is not a wizard and you are not the witch he makes you out to be.

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Love Is Not Abuse
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