Love Is a Gift

I cannot accept.

Love is a gift that I can't accept

And it's not that I wish to reject

My goal in life is to connect

But My heart has been hurt too intensely

I am immensely saddened and what happened is in the past

But the event was so fast I couldn't digest the feeling and now my best is reeling me away from love

Help me rise above

My eyes have seen a world without compassion and my first reaction was to scurry away

I hurried fast into my mind where I stay

And obey the fear that keeps creeping near because I don't want to hear that i'm worthy

That I have value

Because I've seen where my body was and where it is now

And somehow I can't accept this idea

That because my bodily communication machine is not as pristine as it used to be

That my internal message is just as flimsy

And no one will be patient to see

The depth of the love inside of me

If you could peer into my soul

You would see the control it takes to make the physical gears continue to spin

But I don't see my drive as a win

Just an endlessly tiring run

Oh please help remind me why life is fun

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Love Is a Gift
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