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Love Game Pt. 2

Upgrading the Game

She took him for the ride of his lifetime.

It created something inside him.

But he never knew if it was a sin or a crime.

To climb into the bed of a mature virgin.

Contemplating upon the flow of her waist into her hips.

He took her innocence without giving her a dime.

He didn’t mean to — it was like playing mind games

and he was unclear that he was the mime.

It turns out she had a plan all along

Leave with no regrets, not even his.

Make sure the only thing for him yearning was her song.

The one she played with the rhythm that her body composed.

And if it was still unclear.

She would have to play it again.

This time bringing the pussy power for fear.

Not just the body he couldn't seem to erase from his mind.

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Love Game Pt. 2
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