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Love For Astronauts

A Poem

A science teacher of mine once told me

That nothing is ever actually touching anything

Because the electrons of our atoms push each other apart.

I think that he has never been in love.

Or maybe he has

And it just ended badly.

But when you and I are together it’s like every aspect

Of our entire beings are touching,

Like we are the same construct,

Like we are two hydrogen atoms

Fused together in the core of the sun.

When you say you love me

I swear I can feel those words pull me in,

Like your affection is so great is has an atmosphere of its own.

When we kissed I was in space

And you were the whole damn galaxy.

And how fitting is that metaphor now

That you are farther from me than ever before?

It feels like we are solar systems apart.

But our attraction is cosmic

And the gravity of that fact

Causes my thoughts to constantly orbit you.

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Love For Astronauts
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