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Love and Other Drugs

She’s her best when intoxicated.

She wasn’t like those other girls. She related so much to the girls who were on standby and let the night fall into their laps without even trying. 

She was one of those girls with the long, black hair that dragged across the floor while it covered her like a cape when she decided to wear revealing clothing. 

She was one of those girls I would take home because she wanted me to— because she said so. 

She became one of those girls that smothered you with filthy words that sounded pretty and proved it in the bedroom. 

She’ll touch you like she meant it but she was too high to remember how you got in her bed in the first place. 

She was one of those girls that hid secrets so well until you asked her about her dreams and the clouds started to appear in the room hiding her face from how much she smoked. 

She was one of those girls who talked so much about purity and related everything to white, you were so sure the color became tangible from how many times she was snorting until her nose felt warm red. 

She definitely wasn’t like those other girls. The ones who showed you love in the morning and wants to be drowned in love. Instead she downed vodka and beer that’s hours warm and calls that morning joe.. There’s no wonder why people left her alone, because they have tasted her while her taste buds were numb. 

She has ruined anything that wanted to get close to her and she enjoyed it. 

She plays the game so well of leading you on and having you lined up like a pile of coke just waiting for the power trip. 

She had no intention in having you in her life longer than her high could last. You’re even lucky if you catch her in her first 5 minutes of sobriety speaking the only words she forced herself to remember

“GET OUT.” So she could make herself numb again.

Be careful, they warned me.

Her name may describe a flower but she is nothing that is blooming and you will waste your time watering something that never bothered to keep her roots in the first place.

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Love and Other Drugs
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