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To My Love

When we first met,

We we're so free.

I liked you,

And you liked me.

As time went on,

And dreams came true.

You loved me,

And I loved you.

I think it's great,

How love can soar.

Oh how I love you,

More and more. 

We filled our house,

With kids a plenty.

And how I thank you, 

For so many.

Our little family,

Is complete.

The last puzzle piece,

Is so neat.

Can't wait to see,

What's in store.

Through the years,

And many more. 

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Nicole Schukraft
Nicole Schukraft

Nicole Schukraft grew up in a small town in New York. She met the love of her life at 13 years old. They share three beautiful children together. She became a nurse in 2009. She has a huge passion for art, music, writing and painting. 

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