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. Love .

. Little wonders .

There's a moment, it's the Universe's glitch.

When you stumble upon a certain set of eyes.

What they are about to make you feel, will be a preview of your internal world.

What happens when you fall in love?

I see. And feel. 

Everything that can be done, with a fear it never will be.

It rattles the cage my mind has put on my soul.

Entering a world of intensity and rose petals for oxygen.

I get high.

Look at every person's story, and when my vision is f***ed then I see pain sipping through every existence.

This bench on the hill you're looking at, will be my time machine, my ecstasy pill. To whatever tears were spilled on it. And everyone's story becomes so relevant, everyone's energy creeps into my core.

Neon signs make me daze into the pain inside me, and take me high on escaping and indulging in the dark simultaneously.

It makes me run from myself and webs weaved by the bony fingers of sadness. 

I get lost like Alice, in a wonderland where darkness is so miserable it's beautiful. It's ribbons flow towards me. Reaching out, grasping like needy children's hands.

Screaming help me.

Because it's ME, that finds pain, a little too beautiful.

- Ev3s

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. Love .
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