Random Thoughts While Drankin' Henn'

I could never be the chick that you want me to be, cause I do me and that's daily

I smoke weed and I drank Henny, I be wrapped in my thoughs like a phillie

Wanna be the only one u need. Spark that shit while u eat me

It was all gravy in the B.G. then u fell off like a real dope fiend 

Conversations now boring, wondering with a pretty young thing. What about me and the shit I bring? Not a bad girl, but I do bad things

In this world trying to be your queen, crown that bitch cause she's rhyming, give her cheese cause she's obscene, but im the one wearing the fucking ring. I only cheated once it didn't mean a thing

While you make it rain all in the club, Getty Green and bottles of bub, bet I wasn't one you was thinking of. Man I swear you my only love, I just can't be your only gul' 

Can't see the forest for all these trees... memories fly by in the breeze like empty pages of poetry, im a heartless, broken hearted G, you call yourself my fucking king?

You couldn't be a man even if you tried, wished real hard and closed your eyes, prayed up to God and called Allah, you'd still be the same old blah, blah, blah.

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Henny NoChasa
Henny NoChasa

My rhymes are like poetry against dope beats. I want to be a musician but LIFE won't allow me to be one. I drink Hennessy frequently and thats when I write my best work. Music is my life!

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