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Love is right,

Love doesn't discriminate by height,

Love isn't light,

Love isn't afraid to bite,

You can't see love,

But love keeps you well in its sight,

Love always holds you tight,

Love is there even if you do not care,

Love cares even if you are never there,

Love is there even after you are dead,

Even when you lose your head,

Even if you are laying sick in bed,

Love will always be there,

To keep you near,

To hold you dear,

Love will keep you alive,

Love is often shy,

Love never says goodbye,

Love is always close by,

Love never hides,

Love is a rollercoaster ride,

Love doesn't depend on sight,

Love doesn't depend on hearing,

Love is all about caring,

There is no preparing,

Love is random,

Love is kind,

Love is a beautiful sight,

Love is your right.


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