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Lost Wind

It has always been like this, wind gently dancing in through the windows.

Wind rarely reaches the heart of any city. Photo by Daria Zu.

she is used to this

it has always been like this

wind gently dancing in through the windows

she was lying beside him,

her eyes darting across words emblazoned

upon an air purifier

sitting unhelpfully below

an open window

the wind dances its ten-minute journey

from the ocean to this little box

she can call home, 

but for only thirteen months

for these things never last

she doesn't think much of the wind

or its gentle freshness

always staving off the summer heat

she doesn't know its preciousness

until the breeze's journey takes hours

and never manages to reach her, lost in the city

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Leigh Fisher
Leigh Fisher

I'm from Neptune. No, not the farthest planet from the sun, but from Neptune, New Jersey. I'm a writer, poet, blogger, and an Oxford comma enthusiast.

I go by @SleeplessAuthor on Twitter and @SleeplessAuthoress on Instagram.

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Lost Wind
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